Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lindsay lohan sex. Some picz.

Lindsay lohan sex...

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Celebrities who are famous for being famous? Someone who is famous for being famous is a person who has celebrity status for no particular reason bothers me. Name some celebrities who are famous for no reason, and how you feel. Paris Hilton No need to explain. Only known to be the granddaughter of the founder of the Hilton Shes. Even his grandfather said that HES embarrassed by his behavior! All Paris was to be famous is to do an album of crap, make crap movies, the star of a reality show crap, etc. All shes done in life is make a sex tape and get all the charges for driving under the influence. Nicky Hilton she hasn't done anything memorable, just like his sister, so no need to explain. Kim Kardashian all shes known for her ass is huge (thats an implant by the way) and that sex tape and her birthday. So now she gets this pathetic reality TV show just because it suddenly becomes famous for a sex tape? It saddens me that people now receive their own reality shows because sex was a tape of their achievement. And he looked so sad when I see his mother and sisters trying to be famous. Dina Lohan If I was Lindsay Lohan, I cut contact with Dina. What kind of mother gives camera for a magazine to visit his daughter in rehab? I think Dina uses her daughters to be famous. She operates her daughters to launch her own career that is sad. I pity Lohan Ali (Lindsay little SIS) because it does not get to live the ordinary life of a teenager because her mother Lauren Conrad why did a show??
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